Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are the dues?

A: $125 annually with payment due on January 1 of every year.

Q: Is trash and recycle services included in my HOA dues?

A: They are not. Each home must make arrangements for trash and recycle pick up.

Q: When are the community yard sales?

A: We have a Spring Yard Sale in May and a Fall Yard Sale in September check our events calendar for the dates

Q: Who do I contact when I have a complaint?

A: Send an email to and a Board member will reply as promptly as possible.

Q: Do we have a property management company:

A: We do not. The HOA is a resident run Board and you can learn all about the Board by clicking on the “About Us” tab.

Q: Can I rent my home?

A: According to the SBHOA Covenants, you can rent your home, but only on an annual basis. There are specific regulations for renting your home in Sandy Brae and they are listed in the Covenants.

Q: Are homes in Sandy Brae on Tidewater?

A: No. The homes in Sandy Brae are on wells; we are not connected to public water.

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